• LLC company formation in Dubai

    Dubai holds several advantages for modern businesses. The developed banking and economic sectors have attracted investors to set up business in Dubai and the UAE. LLC company formation in Dubai is an effortless task if one abides by the law. One of the most important aspects while setting a corporation in Dubai is to decide upon the type of legal entity you want to establish. It may depend upon the product, location, strategic objectives, and where you are going to operate your business – locally or internationally. In the UAE, a company can be formed under 3 jurisdictions, namely, Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore. This blog is dedicated to providing information on how to form a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Dubai, which is a standard type of company in the UAE mainland.
    What is an LLC?
    A limited liability company formation in Dubai is one of the most common forms of entities preferred by a businessman while setting up a company. It can be defined as a company in which the liability of its partners is limited only to the extent of their shares in the capital. It is a separate and distinct legal entity. This means that an LLC can get a tax identification number (TIN), open a bank account and do business, all under its own name.
    Limited Liability Company in The UAE
    The LLC company formation in Dubai is one of the more predominant types of business structure in the UAE. Forming an LLC company in Dubai requires a minimum of two and a maximum of 50 shareholders.
    Ownership of shares within the company is dependent on type of investor. A Local sponsor in Dubai must own at least 51% of the firm’s equity is the minimum for UAE national while a foreign investor must not own more than 49%.
    The required capital to form an LLC in Dubai is AED 300,000 (US$ 81,744) and can be contributed in either cash or in kind. However, the required capital in the other Emirates is AED 150,000 (US$ 40,872).
    The distribution of profit or loss can be agreed upon while the responsibility of managing of LLC can either be vested on the national or foreign partners or even a third party. Shares of LLC are neither open for public subscription nor can they be issued as negotiable.
    An LLC is not allowed to offer insurance, business banking or money investment services on behalf of others. In addition, these shares cannot be represented as negotiable instruments.
    If the purpose of your company is to make a sale within the region, then it is recommended you opt for an LLC company in Dubai. A mainland LLC company in Dubai can trade anywhere within the UAE and/or the extended Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states. However, it should be noted that the company should have one Local sponsor in Dubai who holds about 51% of the total shares in the company, according to the UAE Commercial Companies Law (CCL). Unlike a free zone and an offshore company, an LLC in mainland does not allow 100% foreign ownership to an investor. They are accountable for the remaining 49% shares of the company. Recent amendments removed the requirement for minimum shares (previously AED 300,000 in Dubai) allowing the shareholders to decide the limit which could be less than earlier prescribed bottom line. Additionally, an LLC can be formed with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 50 shareholders, whose liability is limited to their share in the business capital.
    The following are the fundamentals aspects of forming a limited liability company in the UAE

    • Though foreign equity in the company does not exceed 49%, profit and losses can be shared at a ratio different from the share capital
    • Any legal commercial activity can be setup as a mainland company formation in Dubai.
    • Branches of an LLC can be opened within the same emirate or in other jurisdictions
    • Day-to-day operations including banking operations can be managed by the manager appointed in MOA which is notarized in public notary. In most cases, the actual investor becomes the manager of the company.
    • A Limited Liability Company can enjoy credit facilities from banks and other money-lending institutions upon approval from that financial institution.
    • There are also special licenses issued by Department of economic development. An approval from relevant authorities may be required for certain activities. These bodies include the DHA, KHDA, RTA, DTCM and Dubai municipalities among others.
    • It is mandatory to rent an office and obtain Ejari in order to incorporate an LLC. However, the Dubai DED has recently approved instant licenses where renting an office was not required. The rental requirement is replaced by paying an additional fee of AED 10,000 for the first year of incorporation. Under instant licenses, it is not possible to obtain employment visas.
    • Trading LLCs are allowed to conduct business within the emirate as well as export and import freely.
    • The UAE national shareholder can be an individual shareholder or can be a corporate company fully owned by UAE national. If the expatriate investor who is 49% shareholder of the company is making 100% of the investment in the company then his investment rights with regards to assets and profits can be protected through a side agreement among shareholders signed with two witnesses.

    DIFC company formation
    The DIFC goals to provide a platform for DIFC company formation and especially financial institutions to conduct business with the emerging markets of the region. It was established with the dream of generating an background for growth, progress and economic development in the UAE, while accessing the area’s markets by providing globally recognized legal and business practice, as well as the appropriate structure keeping up with international standards.
    It is an international financial center advantageously located in the middle of the Dubai. it is bounded by a area that is fast emerging and rich in natural resources and petro dollars. Joint with the tax friendly government and the unrestrictive attitude on the subject of capital repatriation and movement of funds, it offers a financial target and center that is matchless. Umm al quwain free zone

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  • Sharjah is catching up as a cheap various to metropolis for fitting a business thanks to the proximity of a world airfield and paired ports on the west and east coasts of the Arabian Gulf having direct entrance to geographical region and also the Indian Ocean.

    Its geographical location (at the junction of Asia, Africa, and Europe) offers unmatched opportunities for investors, and so sees the inpouring of over five.2 customers, million investors, and travellers per annum.

    Sharjah is one in every of the safest world cities with a marginal rate ANd has an far more than economic energy offer. The system in Sharjah is honest, and also the economy is liberal with competitive fees structures and property lease rates. To boot, there’s the presence of an extremely qualified and experienced manpower that’s principally bilingual and really economical. Moreover, there’s a provision for support and visas for the whole workers with a 24X7 hotline that ensures an uninterrupted provision of labor and instrumentation.

    Trade names and license procedures: 

    Registering a marque for your business is vital because it needs to be coherent with the kind of endeavor you would like to pursue. You need to certify that marque designated by you isn’t already engaged by another capitalist and it doesn’t violate the directions and conditions. You need to even have substitute trade names so as of preference,

    Complete set of documentation should be submitted to the department of economic development,

    Economy / Business Setup

    Long before there was oil, long before there was trade, there was agriculture. The activity has contended an important role in Sharjah’s economy for spill 2 millennia. The numbers paint a real image, with over 4000 farms within the Al Dhaid region alone growing a good type of turn out, from alfalfa greens to ancient dates, lime trees, strawberries, guava, mangoes, oranges and grapefruit.

    But what drives Sharjah these days is trade, and also the Emirate is wide considered the economic region of the UAE, accounting for quite four-hundredth of the country’s industrial value. Its glorious geographic location and spectacular supply, reposting and distribution benefits have helped spur industrial growth at break-neck speed.

    Oil was discovered within the early 1970’s, and also the Sharjah Government had the foresight to create AN infrastructure of contemporary facilities around it, whereas gap ups the economy in several directions so it wouldn’t be contingent oil alone.

    An exciting development within the Emirate’s economic situation has been the emergence of the Sharjah airfield International area (SAIF Zone) and also the development of the Hamriyah area (HFZA). Developed with the first objective of boosting foreign investment and trade, the Free Zones venture has been a wildly successful  one, with SAIF especially being cited because the quickest developing area within the region.

    There square measure quite and few factors that purpose towards an awfully healthy future so for Sharjah’s economic prosperity. Foremost among these is that the Government’s stand on pushing for proactive policies in establishing a solid industrial base to more boosts direct foreign investments into the Emirate.

    Beauty salon in sharjah  

    Beauty salon license in sharjah  are license to carry out hairdressing and other beautification treatments, hair care includes trimming, cutting, waving, dyeing, straightening, hair setting up, supporting hair strength. While, cosmetic treatments include skin purification, hair removal of skin, foot care, and facial aesthetic.

    Laundry business in Sharjah 

    Honestly saying it depends on your quality of service which you provide to the public. Laundry license in Sharjah, Barber shops, Beauty salons, Restaurants are ever green businesses to start in U.A.E. It’s difficult to say how much profit the laundry gives to you. I am sure if you manage it properly you will get a lot of profit every month. If you want any help in setting up your laundry in Dubai you can avail my professional help and I will give you a detailed approximate break up.

    Travel Agency in Sharjah 

    Two of the foremost utilized sorts of licenses for travel agencies in city square measure the incoming and outgoing licenses which can enable the corporate to sell vacation packages within, severally outside the UAE. A city agency will acquire one or each licenses, supported the services it desires to supply.

    The following needs should be completed so as to get any of the 2 licenses:

     Associate degree form that is issued by the Department for commercial enterprise and Commerce Marketing;

     Within the case of an overseas owner, a duplicate of the passport should even be submitted;

    ·         A practicability report on the project to be completed, if a replacement facility is to be built;

    ·         A certificate that proves the qualifications of the travel agency’s manager;

    ·         A certificate that proves the nice conduct of the business’ owner.

    Even if the wants square measure the same as the applying for an agency license it ought to be noted that the applying for associate degree inbound/outbound license is filed with the Department for commercial enterprise and Commerce promoting, whereas the travel agency license in Sharjah should be obtained with the Department of Economic Development. The latter variety of license conjointly offers the agency to arrange fairs, trade shows, conventions, and alternative MICE events.

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  • Dubai free zone company formation

    Free Zones in Dubai are special economic zones offering tax free, 100% foreign ownership and free customs duty benefits to expat investors. This makes the free zones the most promising places in the Middle East for worldwide operations and fascinates many in Free zone company formation in Dubai. As a leading business consultancy, we specializes in Dubai freezone company formation & UAE free zones. Our free trade zone company formation service and business setup in UAE free zones includes A to Z processes done in professional way at minimal costs.

    Shams Free zone offers a cost-effective and efficient free zone company formation and registration in Sharjah. We at Business Setup Consultants DMCC have a dedicated team of professional Business Setup Advisors who will assist you and make the business setup process smooth and hassle free for you.

    Shams Free Zone is the newest cheapest free zone in UAE. It is the governing agency that issues trade licenses to companies, freelancers and entrepreneurs involved in the industries of technology, media and creative.

    The free zone encourages businessmen, entrepreneurs and start-up companies to establish a 100% foreign owned company and maximize the advantages of a world class, leading edge and creative business hub. It combines high-level services at reasonably low costs. The company formation in UAE free zone is not subject to commercial firms Law. Free Zones in Dubai and UAE are considered to be outside the rule of UAE, and are beneath the rules and regulations of concerned free zone. The companies under the Dubai Free Zone are responsible to maintain the rules and regulation of the Dubai Free Zone Authority.

    Dubai south free zone offers excellent business prospects for investors from all over the place of the world for their Free zone company setup in Dubai. As far as the rules and regulations are concerned, Dubai offers the most generous working situation and easy Cheapest Free zone in Dubai processes. We acts as one of the stop solutions to the investor thus decreases the troubles to investors and gets everything complete the fastest possible way.

    • Plan the budget of the business
    • Identify the requirements
    • Decide the requirements of an office
    • Decide the whether company needs visas either for employees or investors
    • Make sure the need of third party approvals such as Civil Aviation, POLICE, and other concerned departments for the proposed business
    • Arrange a free zone tour to meet with head of the departments to discuss about the special packages and suitable options fit for your business
    • Get the assistance of a free zone consultant to understand the suitable free zone for your business.
    • Meet an expert consultant to finalist he formalities
    • Make the necessary payments and get started the works.

    DMCC free zone is best fit option for a small business, working in UAE. The free zone companies have lots of privileges and freedom in the segment of business and trade. However, the business is considered as the international business.

    Forex trading in Dubai Free movements of goods from free zone to international market and vice versa are possible and this is being acted as port of transfers. Dubai is the second largest transshipment port in Asia and which has been playing a vital role in the trade and commerce of UAE.

    This is always advisable to have the office and business registered close to port or airport due to the convenience of freight and logistics as well. JABEL ALI free zone is attached to Dubai port but Dubai Airport Free zone is attached to Airport. In northern emirates, Sharjah Airport is close to Sharjah Airport Free Zone.

    Types of company registered in Dubai free zone

    Free Zone Establishment (FZE): This type of company can be open with one individual or with one corporate shareholder.

    Free Zone Company (FZCO): This type of company can be open with minimum of 2 or more shareholders. Shareholders can be either individuals or corporate companies

    Branch Office

    All these types of firms may not be offered in every UAE free zone. There will be some change according to the rules as well as regulations of each free zone authority.

    How to start a business in UAE Free Trade Zone? 

    There are more than 44 free zones open within the UAE. Every Emirate is having different free zones authority with different procedures. In Dubai itself, there are around 33 free trade zones on the market. Among them, the leading free trade zones are Jebel Ali free zone (JAFZ), Dubai Airport free zones (DAFZ), DMCC, DCCA and lots of other free zones. Free Trade zones are created to support the activities. As an example, Dubai Media free zone, Sharjah Media free zones are completely different media free zones within the UAE.

    ·         100% foreign possession of the businesses, and are

    ·         Exempt from company and private taxes for a as variety of years.

    ·         They are most ordinarily used for import / re-export or for industrial or producing firms.

    ·         Many service-related firms conjointly use free zones as their base of operations.

    ·         The key purpose to notice is that these entities aren't accredited to try to to business outside of the free zones.

    Type of license available in Dubai free zone

    Normally, Cheapest Free Zone License in UAE offers the following types of business licenses:

    ·         Trading License: This type of license allows company to carry out trading activities like buying, import & export and selling of limited number of goods and commodities.

    ·         General Trading License: This type of license will allow company to deal with trading of all types of goods with some exemption on banned goods and products that need special approvals.

    ·         Service License: This type of license is issued to companies which deal with consultancy, accountancy, etc. services.

    ·         Industrial License: This type of license allows the company to carryout manufacturing, packaging and processing in Dubai free zone.

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  • PRO services in Dubai

    PRO services in Dubai require professional capability who can effectively manage the full cycle of techniques and procedures. Business setup in Dubai has a number of predefined processes and phases. A skillful person is required to guide you through these several steps and helps you finish all the hard paper work effectively. Our business setup consultant in Dubai can assists you through all the business formation phases with our wide array of PRO services in Dubai and Document clearing services. As our work carefully hangs on interacting with the Dubai government and administrators of several governments agencies, we are known far and wide as providers of the most-efficient PRO Services in Dubai. Ultimately, you benefit from our PRO services in Dubai in terms of time spent as part of queues in government offices as well as money.

    Shams Consultant is a registered service provider for business setup in Dubai and is authorized by Dubai Economic Department (DED). Shams Consultant has been providing these services with a legal standing and has never been involved in any activities that are legally unauthorized by the respective government authorities. The fees for Mainland Dubai company formation depends on what are the processes involved, which in fact depends on the nature of your business. The fees levied by Shams Consultant are strictly as per the rules prevailing with the Dubai Government’s procedures for such services.

    PRO Services Dubai plays a vital role when you need passport clearance, immigration, business licenses, copyrights and certification, trademarks. The PRO services of Shams Consultant guarantee that customers are given supreme support for their charming vacation and business in the UAE. Being the best business setup consultants in Dubai, our company consultant that are expert at the various formalities placed out by the Dubai authority and UAE Free Zone regulations. As our work is reliant on government system, our solid connections with them enable faster document clearances, labor contract formation, company renewal, immigration card for our customers. Moreover getting sanctions from the UAE departments, Chamber of Commerce and Foreign Affairs couldn’t get easier.

    PRO Services for Mainland Company Formation

    While setting up a company in DWC free zone, one has to go over many difficulties. It has a number of steps like getting sanctions from Immigration and Labor Departments, licensing and process, real or practical office arrangement as well as opening a commercial bank account and so on. We help in Dubai mainland company formation by carrying out the typical processes and getting the essential sanctions from the UAE administration system. With our inputting and legal verification services, rest guaranteed that employee visas and labor cards can be handled in the fastest of time.

    Moreover, we also assist in altering trade names of the company, enrolling of Memo and Articles of Association, making replacements to the existing Memo or Articles and increasing or decreasing paid up capital.

    PRO Services for Company Liquidation

    Just like company setup in Dubai, closing of a standing business also has a countless of processes to be trailed strictly. Shams Consultant helps by given that Pro services in Dubai in the liquidation and closure of companies in the Dubai by fulfilling with a series of legal processes that involves closing of licenses, closing bank accounts and making a final audit report. A actual business consultancy like Us can explain the steps and make simpler the whole method of closing the company for you in the fastest matter of time.

    Visa Processing

    Besides Dubai Professional license, we helps in all kind of LLC company formation in Dubai like small and large scale companies obtain employee visas for their workers as well as obtaining labor cards from the Immigration Department. We also help companies conduct medical checks and obtain the residence visa stamps on their employees’ passports


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  • UAE offshore company formation

    UAE offshore company formation is an investor trump card for international business; because it is a tax free company. Paying taxes can be a bit of annoying. While it is nice to have gov’t assist in doing things own your own way; the amount of tax which a business men are paying for their business can make it a bit difficult to do business in the Western part of the World. In some part of the world taxes are implied on Corporations as well as on a person. Which make the life of a person as well as the corporation very difficult? Corporation senses this little more, as they have a tend to pay even higher rates of tax than the person. After all, company tax rate is much higher than tax rates on individuals generally in most civilized nations; because, the corporations have much higher incomes than any individual person could hope to reach, and tax tends to be graduated, meaning that these corporations pay a larger amount in proportion to their income than many people.

    Keeping in mind the end goal to settle this issue, many individuals find that supporting an offshore company formation in Dubai is a smart thought. All things considered, offshore company creation in expense safe houses like Dubai and different ranges is an exceptionally mainstream and always developing industry. This is because of the exceptional structure of the business; both the administration business i.e. the enlisted operator and in addition the corporate customer advantage significantly from the arrangement. The organization needs to pay significantly less duties, while the enrolled specialist itself gets paid an administration expense that is as yet a concession contrasted with the measure of cash spared by the making of the RAK offshore company formation.

    Dubai freezone company formation or other comparative spots can be an extraordinary approach to spare thousands or even a huge number of dollars consistently on assessment and different costs, which can come up to be strange measures of cash after some time. Also, to make an Offshore company in RAK guarantees money related insurance, security, and a host over other heap benefits that are difficult to coordinate through different means. Offshore company creation is an incredible thought incompletely because of the way that the emirate has set up a one of a kind assessment strategy with respect to lucrative associations. Most associations pay next to zero duty, to some extent to pull in financial specialists that desire to utilize an assessment shelter like place. Moreover, to make an offshore company in Ras Al Khaimah is something that has next to zero hazard or cost, and high reward. All things considered, the UAE is not in any manner the kind of place that would surprisingly stop one's benefits or immerse itself into war, and the administrations that offer to set up an JAFZA Offshore company don't cost all that much. The charges of a RAK Offshore Company are the least expenses of an organization that can be consolidated in UAE. A huge number of individuals are getting a charge out of the exceptional advantages of making a RAK offshore company formation. It is sheltered, practical, exceptionally moderate, to a great degree beneficial, and continually developing in fame. There is beside no reason not to do as such; the dangers and expenses are totally insignificant, so what are you sitting tight for?

    Unlike other Emirates, minimum two directors are needed for Ajman offshore company registration. To setup offshore companies in this region it is required to perform annual audits and physically hold meetings in the presence of an auditor. It is mandatory to have a registered agent for any interaction with Ajman Authority in relation to Ajman offshore. That’s where Shams Consultant comes to your rescue; we help you with every criterion involved during an offshore company formation at Ajman. We save you time, money and effort by handling all the paperwork and getting required approvals from Ajman free zone authorities. An offshore company adviser has 15 years of experience in company formation in UAE. Thanks to the expertise of our consultants, you can set up an offshore company in Ajman within two days. With Offshore company advisers, your Ajman offshore company formation cost will be the least.

    Key benefits of the UAE offshore company: 

    §  No taxes. There are no taxes for you in the UAE. That means no income taxes, no corporate taxes, no withholding taxes, and no social security taxes and no VAT. It will be like a breath of fresh air.

    §  No reporting requirements and publishing of annual accounts. You do not have to spend time and effort dealing with a costly annual audit like in most other jurisdictions. Focus on your own business instead.

    §  Strict confidentiality as far as the legal entity is concerned. Shareholder, directors and secretaries cannot be seen in a public register. An extra layer of confidentiality can be found when corporate or nominee directors, secretaries or shareholders are being used.

    §  In comparison to other offshore jurisdictions, the UAE provides you with a solid international banking system with accounts in multiple currencies and access to other financial services. In addition, there are banking options in jurisdictions abroad. You will have peace of mind when you know that your money is secure and within reach.

    §  With only one visit to our office in JLT in person you can set up a RAK Offshore shelf company with bank account.

    §  There is no requirement to pay up capital and you can enjoy strong asset protection. It is very difficult to freeze a bank account in the UAE or file a lawsuit against a RAK Offshore company. This means that your assets are much safer here than in the vast majority of countries in the world.

    §  And there is one little secret about the RAK Offshore company that makes it stand out from ALL other offshore jurisdictions. This little trick alone will create instant credibility for your business.

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